Coaching is a fascinating, powerful process that unfolds one conversation at a time. The agenda for every coaching session comes from you – your challenges, dreams, fears, values and intentions. I ask for your full-on commitment to speak your truth, try on new ideas and fully engage in the coaching process. I will keep you focused and on track toward your goals.  It’s not all serious – we might imagine and strategize without limitation to stretch your thinking (if there wasn’t a little fun it would just feel like more to-do’s).

Together, we’ll find fresh perspectives to face old challenges and manifest new intentions.  I will be listening for what you are feeling and thinking, what you want and what you might be stepping over. I will challenge you, perhaps insist and hold you accountable.  I will ask powerful questions to tap into your own wisdom and inner resourcefulness. You really do have the answers you seek! I will help you call them forth.

How we work together

We will design and empower the relationship between us to powerfully and courageously co-create the vision and plan for the changes you want in your life.  Between sessions you will be accountable for actions and provocative inquiries that will forward your intentions and deepen your learning. You will manifest change in your life when you become conscious and clear about what you want, and what you need to do to get there.

Many of my clients have created transformational change in just three months. Others choose to coach with me for several years to support their ongoing expansion.

A free 30 minute sample session is our first step to determine if coaching is right for you.  My sliding fee scale makes coaching accessible. Contact me for an appointment.

“Coaching has consciously enhanced my ability to move forward professionally and personally at a time when I felt a lack of balance and clarity.”  Anne